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Welcome to the home page of Eyecatch Multimedia Ltd. Our focus is to create and distribute quality North American / Indian movies in domestic and international market. Our main goal is to produce parallel cinema as well as movies for the mainstream market, to create a platform of excellence derived from existing artists and gateway for new talents for film business. We want to establish a professional and transparent corporate culture and implement an efficient business system and achieve profitability.

A GUN AND A RING is the first full length feature produced by Eyecatch Multimedia. The film brings to light the harsh realities experienced by different generations of Sri Lankan citizens settled in Toronto. The film explores the emotional turmoil of Tamil Canadians stuck between the cruel past marred by violence, deaths, conflicts in Sri Lanka and the need to rebuild their lives in an alien land. The film has been nominated for Golden Goblet Awards at 16th Shangai International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious and biggest film festivals in Asia. It is also recognized as A-Category film festival in international circuits.  More News …

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